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‘Blaze Riders’ Begins Hulu Distribution

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Blaze Riders321 Productions continuse to bring out more of their shows through Hulu as they look to expand with broadcast runs out there or other means. The latest title to arrive is Blaze Riders, which brings its entire 52 episode racing series run to Hulu. While you can see how it may not appeal to a lot of animation fans in a general sense, you can see how it’s pretty appealing to a younger set that can get caught up in the flashy fun of it all and the racing side of it. Like other releases from 321 Productions, it’s dubbed into English only.

Plot concept: With the development of science and technology near the end of the 21st century, car racing with new energy is popular in society. Star and his friend Han are huge race car fans. Little do they know that they are going to be playing a big role in the racing community very soon.

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