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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #11 Anime Review

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #11
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #11

Usagi learns that fate can be a fickle thing.

What They Say:
“Act 11. Reunion”
Appearing before a devastated Usagi is a man who looks just like Mamoru but goes by “Endo”. Usagi sees traces of Mamoru and thus approaches him…

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Usagi is still haunted by dreams of her missing love, the past, and the problems of the present.  She’s not letting all of that keep her down, and she puts on her brave and silly face to go about her normal life.

The girls meet up to go over what they know, and to research that stone sword they brought back from the moon.  Ami has a major science fail moment when she asks Minako to strike a diamond with that sword they brought back from the moon.  The diamond shatters, which probable would have happened if it was hit with anything!  Diamond is strong, but they’ll fracture and break like anything else if hit the right way.  Usagi falls asleep, which is typical for her, and the girls move her to Ami’s bedroom while they continue to brainstorm.

Back down on street level a brainwashed Mamoru finds his way to the arcade and hypnotizes Motoki into thinking he’s his friend Endo.  (Endo, really?  He already had a friend named Endo… that’s convenient.)  Motoki’s girlfriend Reika shows up and seems about to blow Mamoru’s cover but keeps her mouth shut.

Usagi wakes up and finds herself in a strange room.  Remembering when she ended up in Mamoru’s apartment she sneaks out and finds herself drawn to the arcade.   She’s shocked to find Mamoru there, but she knows it can’t be him, and when he’s introduced as someone else she just goes along with it.  Of course Luna is nearby and calls everyone else down, who are equally confused.  They decide the best course of action would be to avoid him and to keep Usagi away from him, but of course Usagi doesn’t listen.  She goes back to the arcade and her brainwashed love keeps trying to get her to give up her secrets.

At this point you’d think she’d try moon healing on him or something, but nope, she runs off.  Makoto and Ami have been tailing Usagi to keep her out of trouble and run into Reika, who says she remembers Endo being different looking and confirms their suspicions.  Makoto makes the stupid decision to confront him on her own after hours and falls victim to his brainwashing.  She leads the others to the command center, and ends up letting the enemy in as well.  Minako, Ami, and Rei all transform (with full length sequences) and fight to keep Mamoru from getting the crystal.

Usagi just stands there like an idiot.  For every step she takes forward she takes three backwards.  It takes Luna making a suicide leap at Mamoru to make Usagi realize that the brainwashed Mamoru is not the man she loves.  Really?  Not the four injured bodies of your friends, but your cat triggers it?  And where the hell is Artemis?  The directors of this show constantly forget he exists… we saw him running to the scene and he disappeared until after they all get their butts kicked.

Finally Usagi transforms and uses moon healing, which is barely effective at getting her friend conscious.  Queen Beryl shows up to deliver the coup de grace herself, and to gloat like all good villains do, and we’re left with Usagi realizing that Mamoru and Endymion are the same person.  She didn’t realize that till now?


In Summary:
Overall, this is a good looking episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.  However, all of the movement isn’t enough to keep me from shaking my head at some of the more groan-worthy problems in the plot progression.  This series still loves introducing weird logic holes where none existed before, like forgetting about Artemis half the time.  We’re almost at the end of the first story arc of the series and I would’ve liked to have seen them maybe, oh I don’t know, not retread the Usagi is an idiot angle at this point.

Episode Grade:  B –

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