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‘Supergirl’ TV Series Could Cross With ‘Arrow’ & ‘The Flash’

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Supergirl FlashFans are getting excited for a really fun looking two night event next week with Flash and Arrow doing their crossover storyline and now we’re seeing the potential for something more down the line. With CBS setting a pilot for a Supergirl TV series, as they have no comic book presence on their network, they’re working with Greg Berlanti and his production team for it. Berlanti’s company is the one responsible for shepherding Arrow and Flash out there and thta has had some wondering if they’ll be able to pull off a crossover with it even though they’re on different networks.

“Later in the afternoon at his other office on the Warner Bros. lot, Berlanti meets with fellow producer Ali Adler and Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood to go over looks for their upcoming revamp of Supergirl. The show will follow 24-year-old Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, and with a twist that that could melt fanboy brains, Berlanti says it’s possible this Supergirl could enter the worlds of Arrow and The Flash.”

While certainly not hard and fast that it will happen, it looks like the potential is there, something that you can understand networks being wary of but at the same time seeing a lot of potential for viewers to get involved in it as well based on the way they’re seeing such enthusiasm for films crossing over with each other.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly (via KSiteTV)]

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