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‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Hints Surface

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pacific rim headerIf there’s one thing Guillermo del Toro likes to do, it’s to talk about upcoming projects while promoting other ones. With the home video release of The Strain coming out soon, he’s been doing the press circuit again and that has a few details about the second Pacific Rim film. While the first film wasn’t a blockbuster, particularly in the US, a lot more is coming in a multimedia kind of way including the sequel film.

“It’s a few years after the first one. It’s not an immediate follow-up. It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after – what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat. It’s quite a jump.”

In addition to that, he revealed that Burn Gorman is back as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb and Charlie Day as Dr. Newton Geislzer.

“Yes. It’s quite a different movie from the first one in that, but I think that two of our main characters like in the first one are Burn and Charlie. They are really, really – I mean, honestly, they are probably the guys I have the most fun writing along with Hannibal Chau so just from a purely selfish drive, I like writing them. I love writing for Charlie and Burn. I mean, [Burn’s] in Crimson Peak for that reason, because I love working with him. You’re gonna get a lot of that, but the Kaijus are very different and you’re gonna see a very different type of the robots I think. It’s gonna be quite a different adventure.”

[Source: Collider]

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