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Crunchyroll Adds ‘Maga-Tsuki’ Manga Simulpub

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Maga-TsukiCrunchyroll’s manga side continues to expand, though it gets far less attention than its anime side. The latest bit of new to surface is the debut of a new series with Maga-Tsuki from Hoshino Taguchi. The company has brought out the full catalog of the series and will be bringing new series out each month as published in Japan. The title began back in 2011 from Monthly Shonen Sirius and has had eight volumes released so far.

The series will be available to audiences worldwide except Japan, Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, and Switzerland.

Plot concept: Cursed by a goddess of misfortune?! That’s the plight of one Yasuke Arahabaki, 15 years old. Displeasing Orihime causes natural disasters, but if he flees he dies. What a pain in the neck, and the only way to free himself is to make her happy… Can this boy next door withstand the mental and physical agony of having to serve a goddess right in front of the childhood friend he has a crush on?

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