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FUNimation Showcases Fall 2014 Anime Simulcast Sampler

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Laughing Under The Clouds FUNimationFUNimation has a lot of simulcasts running this season as they’ve grown it well over the years, especially when you can go back just a couple of years and there may have been just a couple at best. With the busy season they have, they’ve put out a new sampler video for the fall season to cover the range of shows that they’re bringing out. It clocks in at just under nine minutes and highlights some good stuff from pretty much all their fall simulcasts. When you have a YouTube channel that has 1.2 million subscribers, you definitely take advantage of it and get people to check out things with some creative videos. Ones like this are easy shares as well.

MON: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis 10:30 am Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)
TUE: Yona of the Dawn 10:00 am Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)
WED: A good librarian like a good shepherd 12:30 pm Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)
THU: PSYCHO-PASS 11:50 am Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive) & Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! 1:46 pm Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)
FRI selector 12:05 pm Eastern(1 Week Subscriber Exclusive), GARO THE ANIMATION 12:23 pm Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive), Laughing Under the Clouds 1:28 pm Eastern, (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive) & Fairy Tail 9:00 pm Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive)
SAT: Lord Marksman and Vanadis 9:00 am Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive), In Search of the Lost Future 12:30 pm Eastern (1 Week Subscriber Exclusive) & One Piece 9:00 pm Eastern

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