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Crunchyroll Adds ‘Durarara!! X2’ For Winter 2015 Anime Lineup

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Durarara!! X2 Key VisualAfter Aniplex USA announced their acquisition of Durarara!! X2 and their streaming plans, Crunchyroll has followed through themselves and have confirmed that they will be streaming the series across the three seasons that will be coming out for it. While the service did confirm that the show will be there, they do not yet have any start dates, times or territories to announce yet as that has yet to be finalized through the various partners and agreements. Which is understandable as there hasn’t been a Japanese premiere date set yet nor which networks it will be broadcast on there at this time.

The Durarara!! X2 series is planned for three seasons, with the first part in January 2015, the second in summer 2015 and the third part in Winter 2016.

The main staff is returning to the production with Takahiro Omori directiong based on scripts by Noboru Takagi and character designs by Takahiro Kishida. Animation production is being done by studio Shuka, their first production, instead of Brains Base which handled the first series.

Plot concept: “6 Months Later…We haven’t changed at all… or it seems….”

Half a year after the turmoil that rocked the entire city of Ikebukuro—

Peace has once again returned to the city and people are living each day normally.

The high school students enjoy their days of youth as the strongest and most dangerous man of Ikebukuro works diligently. The informant plots a new scheme and the headless rider is pursued by the cops as she rides through the night…But soon this normal will be cut short by the abnormal. Slowly but surely, the unknown will seize the city and face an all new storm.