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Chris Pratt Boards ‘Cowboy Ninja Viking’ Adaptation

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Cowboy Ninja VikingChris Pratt has had a following for awhile with his work on Parks and Recreation and having done a few movies over the years, but 2014 has definitely been his year with his leading role in The LEGO Movie and obviously Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s got a few things on his plate at the moment, such as the 2017 sequel for Guardians and like more time in the LEGO space, but he also has the 2015 debut of Jurassic World, which is in post-production.

So what’s one of the hot actors the moment to do? Board a film called Cowboy Ninja Viking.

The feature has been in development for several years as it’s based off of the 2009 Image Comics series of the same name by writer J.J Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo. The film was originally picked up by Disney back in 2010, but they passed on it due to it being edgier than they wanted for their more family-friendly line. It then ended up at Universal after turnaround and they slated Marc Forster as the director back in 2012, but that’s likely long gone and a new director will be found for it now that they’ve got a lead actor to take on quite the interesting role.

Plot concept: The series revolves around a counter-intelligence unit of Multiple Personality Disorder patients, formed by psychotherapist Dr. Sebastian Ghislain, who are transformed into agents known as Triplets (referring to the three different personalities inside their minds). It is hinted that this is possible through experimental psychiatric conditioning and treatment, psychotropic drugs, and past life regression therapy. After the unit falls apart, its various members are turned into hired killers. Duncan, a Triplet who channels the skills of a Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking, is sent to find and stop the rogue Triplets.

[Source: Collider]

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