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30 Day Movie Challenge Day 16: The Last Theatrical Movie

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Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6

One of the things that I’m definitely glad I bought into about two years ago was the Movie Pass option. With the ability to see a new movie every twenty-four hours and having a good 14 screen theater that’s less than a mile from me, I take advantage of it fairly well. Summer months tend to be more, but I get four to five movies a month on average and after the third movie that card has paid for itself. So it’s all gravy after that.

With this question, I had last made it out to the movies on the weekend of November 7th, which is when I got to do the double hit over it of Interstellar first and then Big Hero 6. Both movies are worlds apart in what they’re trying to do, but both where exhilarating rides overall that made for a great weekend of movies. Which we pretty much saw with other people as well as both movies had very good debuts and continue to roll out well.

Big Hero 6 was definitely a lot of fun as they gave us a solid cast with good diversity that didn’t feel forced, especially with the San Fransokyo location, and essentially made a comic book movie in the Disney animation form. Which again, is no surprise, as it worked off of some of the ideas of the comic book from a decade or so ago of the same name. I tend to not do many animated movies in the theater since they’re shorter than most films and there’s often a kind of lightness or emptiness about them that makes it feel like a wasted trip – especially since I end up with two or three other people with me and it gets pricey. But with a nearly two hour run time to it, a good story, great looking designs across the board and a sense of fun about it that delighted, this was definitely worth the time and expense.

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