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Madman Acquires ‘Mushi-Shi: The Next Chapter’ Anime For Australian Release

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Mushishi: The Next Chapter Episode 10
Mushishi: The Next Chapter Episode 10

MAdman Entertainment has added a new release to their calendar that we get the feeling won’t stick as they’re planning a January 10th, 2015 release for Mushi-shi: The Next Chapter. The acquisition of the series itself isn’t a surprise, nor that it has the first thirteen episodes, but listing that date – even DVD only – seems unlikely considering the Japanese home video releases. Add in that they list it as English and Japanese for the languages and we’re guessing placeholder. But the acquisition itself looks to be happening and we expect to see updated episode counts to deal with the New Years special and the length of the series as a whole.

Update: Madman has noted that the catalog listing is not accurate for the January release, but that they will be streaming the show on the AnimeLab site.

Plot concept: They existed long before anyone can remember. They are simple and strange in nature, not resembling any other plant or animal in this world. In ancient times, people revered these bizarre creatures and called them “Mushi.” People once again began to believe in the existence of these “Mushi” when they began affecting their lives in inexplicable ways. The one who connects the world of “Mushi” to the world of humans—they were called the “Mushi-shi.” All life exists not to hinder others in this world. They are simply there to live as they were meant to.

[Source: Madman Ent. licenses Mushi-Shi Next Chapter]

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