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Media Factory Sets ‘‘Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch’ Japanese Anime DVD/BD Release Details

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Ikki Tousen Extravaganza EpochSet for release on February 25th, 2015 on both DVD and Blu-ray, new details have arrived regarding the Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch OVA. The release has the Blu-ray priced at 7,560 yen while the DVD is at 6,480 yen. The release will come with a specialy drawn box that includes a bath poster illustrated by Masashi Kudo. First press editions will also include two sexy illustrations cards, a limited edition card with serial code for the browser game. On disc extras include the promotional videos and commercials as well as a special booklet that covers the two episodes.

The OVA, is being produced at ARMS and is directed by Masashi Kudo based on the screenplay by Masahiro Okubo and character designs by Rin-Sin.

The original cast includes:

Hakufu Sonsaku – Masumi Asano
Shimei Ryomou – Yuko Kaida
Gentoku Ryuubi – Gentoku Ryuubi
Unchou Kanu – Hitomi Nabatame
Ekitoku Chouhi – Minori Chihara
Koumei Shokatsuryou – Mai Kadowaki
Shiryuu Chouun – Yū Asakawa
Chuukou Kyocho – Hana Takeda
Shikou Soujin – Chiwa Saito
Koukin Shuuyu – Satoshi Hino
Genjou Kakouton – Shuhei Sakaguchi

Additional casting includes Rui Tanabe as Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi, Yuiko Tatsumi as Minamoto no Kurō Yoshitsune, Yoko Hikasa as Musashibō Benkei, Chiaki Takahashi as Himiko and Hideo Ishikawa as Inshun Hōzōin.

Franchise concept: Everyone wants a piece of the new girl in town, but nothing turns Hakufu on more than a brutal street fight. She shrugs off her shredded skirts and tattered tops with a flurry of busty badassery while fighting to unite seven rival schools. With no shortage of enemies, why take on one guy when she can take on ten?

In this adventure in which teenage brawlers are guided by jewels infused with the spirits of ancient warriors, Kakufu is content to flash her panties and crack some skulls. But like any hero, she cannot escape her destiny – no matter how dark it may be.

[Source: Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch]

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