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‘LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League’ DTV Release Gets First Trailer

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Justice League Vs Bizarro LEGOIf you hate this kind of stuff, just move on. But for fans of the LEGO games over the last several years that have enjoyed the cut scenes and the growth in the actual animated area that has had some great little productions, you’re going to love this. Set for release on DVD and Blu-ray along with digital HD releases on February 10th, 2015, Warner Bros. is keeping the LEGO magic alive as best as they can with LEGO Justice League Vs. Bizarro League. There’s not a lot of details when you get down to it, though it looks like the package will come with s Bizarro Batman figure, but there’s just a lot of silly fun here with the clash of two Leagues coming in LEGO form early next year.

All we have to say is, LEGO must make the Hall of Justice that shows up here. MUST.

Plot concept: Batman, Superman and the rest versus their Bizarro selves! In LEGO form…

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