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FUNimation Streams New ‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Ending From Part 13

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Fairy Tail Part 13
Fairy Tail Part 13

With FUNimation having released both parts 12 and 13 last week, they’re bringing out another of the ending sequences to their YouTube channel to draw people to their releases. This one, sadly, is not subtitled as we get Kimi Ga Kureta Mono as performed by Shizuka Kudo. Kudo is a long time pop singer that’s been around performing since she was fourteen and has thirty albums to her name since her first one in 1988 The show is set to have 11 episodes on the two disc collection priced at $54.98 for its DVD/BD combo release. Extras include a couple of voice actor commentaries, a new Fairy Tail Feud: With Todd Haberkorn and Newton Pittman and the clean opening and closing sequences. Not including the audio commentaries, the extras clock in at 20 minutes.

Plot concept: Using a book from the Heartfilia library as a guide, the members of Fairy Tail split up to track down pieces of the Infinity Clock—a legendary enchanted item that could have the power to bring ruin to the entire world. Standing in their way is a secret order of wizards known as the Legion Platoon, who don’t trust the magic time bomb in the hands of the notoriously destructive guild. As the clock ticks closer to doomsday, an old enemy—Oración Seis—is reborn in a terrifyingly powerful new form. This dark guild has its own plans for the magical timepiece, and if Fairy Tail and the Legion Platoon can’t stop them from using the catastrophic clock, time could be up for the Fiore Kingdom.

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