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‘Encouragement of Climb’ Second Anime Season Returns To Crunchyroll

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Encouragement of Climb Season 2
Encouragement of Climb Season 2

Disappearing after the first episode was streamed on Crunchyroll earlier this summer season, Encouragement of Climb has returned to the service. They’ve brought out the show with new episodes coming back at the same time weekly and have added all the previous episodes as well, with episode sixteen debuting today. Future episodes will be simulcast at the regular time of Wednesdays at 11:30am ET. The series was originally slated for twenty-six episodes and was reduced by two and we’re expecting those two episodes to be bundled with future manga releases.

The series will be available for viewing in the U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Demark, Iceland, Netherlands, Turkey, Latin America (Central and South America including Caribbean), Spain, Portugal, France and DOM/TOM, Belgium,Andorra, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany,Austria, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Romania, the Middle East and North Africa

Plot concept: Aoi and Hinata are childhood friends. Aoi prefers staying indoors and is afraid of heights, whereas Hinata is outgoing and loves mountaineering. They both decide to climb a mountain in order to see a sunrise they saw together when they were younger.