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Argevollen Episode #15 Anime Review

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Argevollen Episode 15
Argevollen Episode 15
You wouldn’t like Susumu when he’s angry…

What They Say:
The National Federation of Ingelmia has declared war on the United Kingdom of Arandas in its conquest of expanding its borders. Susumu Tokimune is a new pilot for the Arandas army and during a mission he encounters an armored vehicle containing a robot called Argevollen as well as a young girl named Jamie Hazaford. After saving Jamie’s life, Susumu becomes the pilot for the Argevollen and uses it to battle against the Ingelmian forces.

The Review:
Content(warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
So last week’s episode brought forth the much needed introduction of a rival mecha that could actually keep up with the Argevollen, and it was an introduction that was very much needed. The impact of the encounter continues into this week’s episode as everyone deals with the aftermath. Susumu in particular is pretty frustrated after the battle and vents it out pretty aggressively. It’s pretty apparent that something’s a bit off with him though and Namine sees him throwing up, but he warns her not to tell the others since he doesn’t want them to worry.

In the meantime the group is given the order to retreat to a different base, and Captain Samonji notes that it’s an uncharacteristically fast decision by the military though he’s assured it’s a sound decision. Exactly how honest the intentions may have been is pretty questionable however since Cayanne issues the order on the behalf of Kivernas and though he seems a bit suspicious about their involvement with the enemy’s new unit, he’s got his own plans in mind and isn’t too concerned. Captain Samonji decides it’s best to lure in the enemy since it’s specifically after the Argevollen and decides to set a trap at a nearby plant, hopefully destroying it along with the unit.

The ensuing battle at the plant is where the real highlight of the episode lies, and for good reason. For a while now it’s been hinted that something pretty dangerous would happen if Susumu got too closely linked to the Argevollen, and given what happened to his sister during the experiments she participated in, there was good reason to be worried about it. All of that foreshadowing finally pays off as after the plan starts to go south, Susumu begins to flip out as the sync rate between him and the Argevollen increases. He starts aggressively going after the unit, and the others try to get him to calm down as Namine reveals to them that he’s been sick the whole time, but by this he can no longer hear them.

Normally this kind of fight is pretty one-sided but Richtoften actually manages to hold his own pretty well avoids getting too much of a beatdown while hitting the Argevollen pretty hard as well. When Captain Samonji realizes that the situation is longer salvegable, he decides to have the plant blown up anyway even though Susumu is still in the vicinity. He does (obviously) manage to survive and wakes up in the base they were supposed to retreat too earlier, but he doesn’t seem to have any real idea what happened. Caprain Samonji and the sub-commander certainly have an idea though, and having seen their worst fears realized, Susumu is given the order never to pilot the Argevollen again.

In Summary:
Things pay off in a pretty big way this episode as it delivers on some pretty solid action this time around as well as the  evelation of what Susumu synching too much with the Argevollen would bring. Hopefully the exact reason behind why it happened will be made clear soon, and it’ll be interesting to see how exactly Susumu reacts to it all afterwards. This week’s episode ended with a bang and with luck, that momentum will continue into next week’s episode as well.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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