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Denki-gai Episode #03 Anime Review

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Denkigai no Honya-san Episode 3
Denkigai no Honya-san Episode 3
Sometimes you just cannot get someone to leave after a party.

What They Say:
Is it the Christmas Party Episode? No! The Cosplay episode! Miniskirt Santa, a dream come true! And rather pecuilar costumes are on demand, too! But Umanohone’s selling Moe-style games!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Denki-gai had a nice bit of fun the last time around in showing us just how much work a midnight launch is, having some fun with the length of time between releases at that, but for the most part it was your standard slice of life work piece. We got to see more of the characters in their work situation, including a bit of nice time in how the director is humanized a bit, while also giving us some experience with the doujinshi side of the gang. The series is one that is working that light and fluffyfeel to everything with no real stress or drama, but it’s also made it hard to really connect with the characters. There hasn’t really been what feels like a central focus or catalyst character to engage with to have things sprawl out from there, instead going with the overall ensemble approach.

This episode shifts the timeline closer to the holiday season as we see a couple of the cuter employees done up in Santa and reindeer outfits with the intent of getting them out front selling the store goods and draw in an audience. There’s some real cuteness with how hard it is to work in cold weather with skimpy outfits, but warmth of the intensity of the customers coming in to get their long awaited eroge makes it all worthwhile. Ah, Japan. Hiotan struggles with the season a fair bit, but we do see some good times for her as well, particular as the store owner brings her back to his place to help with doing some Christmas decorations. Her admiration of his place is amusing since she sees so many technology/gaming toys and is just blown away by it. But largely, he just comes across as a pretty good guy, though one that torments her a bit at work which is a bit off-putting for her.

The Christmas party at his place provdes to be a lot of fun since they combine it with a bit of a cosplay party, but it all works to show us the group in a social non-work environment, which definitely gives us a look at a different side of them. There’s a lot of fun with it, and that it’s a late night hangout thing until morning, but it takes a really cute approach after everyone leaves. Everyone but Hiotan, who has stuck around to read manga. For hours. And hours. So the Director simply goes about his life as normal, which kind of freaks her out in a really amusing way when he showers. But it’s still not enough for her to go as she just digs further in and practically acts like she lives there. Which, not surprisingly, he kind of accepts for a bit. The two definitely make for an interesting couple in this way as roommates of sorts as you can see him being kind of compliant while she runs roughshod over everything.

In Summary:
The social side of the episode is a whole lot of fun as we get the gang together to enjoy the holiday and bond in some utterly adorable ways at times. This is a big Hiotan segment of the show in the end as we see her and the director setting up and enjoying it and then him trying to get her to leave his place. It’s balanced with a few minutes of varied material after all of that which shows a lot of the wacky work situations they put up with, and the time that they have to invest in working there, which has them all making it clear to the Director that they really do enjoy working there. It’s a nice balance to it, showing a boss that’s accessible that they want to do something for, and employees who enjoy their work, even with the rough aspects of it. There are cute moments throughout, but Hiotan really steals the show here.

Grade: B

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