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Is This A Zombie? Vol. #08 Manga Review (Series Finale)

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Is This A Zombie Volume 8An excessively poor ending to an awful series.

Creative Staff
Story: Shinichi Kimura
Art: Sacchi
Translation: Christine Dashiell

What They Say
Cursed by the teeny tiny Queen of Villiers, Ayumu is shocked to discover that no one seems to remember him, not even Eu! (Onii-chan is crying in the corner all by himself, Eu. Haruna-emon, doooo something!)

Then, when Sera mistakes Ayumu for her lover, the two end up in close quarters… in the bath?!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Thanks to the curse, Ayumu finds himself in a world where nobody recognizes him (though they do seem to have bit of recollection left somewhere deep down, at least towards his posterior). To his horror this extends back to the girls staying at his house, and it’s apparently constantly refreshing whenever they aren’t around him. Just when he’s at his wits end, he learns that Haruna hasn’t been affected at all. Though there are still some misunderstandings, he’s able to use this as a springboard towards getting his group back in order.

After some expected antics, the group sets up a plan to take the Queen to the Amusement Park and investigate her. Then… we shift to the girls in a bath house rather abruptly. Though we gain a few tidbits from the conversation, it of course takes a turn towards the raunchy in absolutely no time. A tiny dog Megalo with the power to make things transparent also appears and makes a mess of things. It turns out this Chihuahua Saitou is the strongest Megalo (because why not) and the only one Dai-sensei couldn’t defeat. It also turns out that he apparently set up a bomb (which is weird since he was just peeping, but whatever), which leads Haruna to pull out Excalibur Masamune, the Magikewl Weapon that she made.

After a quick detour through a museum/haunted house, the group catches up to the Megalo and Sera ends up transforming with Haruna’s weapon because why not. Our heroes then win a stupid fight, and Ayumu and Haruna share a moment underwater while dealing with the bomb. In the aftermath Haruna kisses Ayumu which breaks the curse because, again, why not. With things in order and Haruna even getting her powers back for the heck of it, the series is able to finally come to an abrupt close.

In Summary
It says a lot about the quality of the climax to this story that I didn’t even realize it was ending until the absolute tail end of the book (admittedly I hadn’t checked the covers too closely). Like the rest of the series, it was more of a random mess of clichés and fan service than a powerful climax to the tale. Even if it was a purposefully goofy ending, you would think the book could at least be bothered to smoothly move from place to place. Instead we find the characters jumping around locations with nary a logical transition, and the goofy final villain even just kind of wanders in and apparently dumps a plot point bomb off screen for no good reason. Add in a generic bonding moment that kind of comes out of nowhere between Haruna and Ayumi, and you have a mess of a book that brings this series to the fantastically crappy ending that it deserves. It’s shocking that the climax somehow ended up one of the worst books in an already poor series, and it should go without saying that this book absolutely isn’t worth anyone’s money.

Content Grade: C-
Art Grade: B
Package Rating: A-
Text/Translation Rating: A-

Age Rating: Mature
Released by: Yen Press
Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
MSRP: $12.99

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