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Vertical Introduces Vertical Comics Logo & Plans

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Vertical ComicsAt the New York Comic Con this weekend, the Vertical panel talked a bit about their plans to create the new imprint for their manga to be a part of so that the larger Vertical brand can get back to what it was created to focus on, a brand which has been diluted by the growth of the manga side of it. There’s a lot of love for manga there to be sure, but the company was intent on working the novels and other kinds of books as their primary focus, which has been lost a bit. The company has put up the new logo through their Tumblr page this morning and talked a bit about what to expect. Most importantly for certain fans (ourselves included) is that the company will continue to use the main Vertical logo on their titles that are currently running so fans don’t have odd looking spines that can drive them crazy. New series kicking off will be using the new logo, which you can see to the right.

So I am certain a few of you have heard by now, but here is some news for the rest of you all…

Over the weekend Vertical, Inc. launched a new imprint, our first actually. Vertical Comics is our manga and anime-themed publishing line. So from here on out all new manga and art books will carry the VC logo.

Why the change? Well, we actually have been thinking about this for a long time now. The brand has grown a lot over the last 4 years and at the same time it has changed a lot. And while during that change many things have improved, we also have struggled to develop our core – novels, non-fiction and lifestyle books.

With the new VC line manga readers will continue to see more of the same Vertical content and quality; while Vertical proper can come back to once again be the vanguard for translated Japanese prose in North America.

Two lines – One Vertical path – And a Large Healthy Community Supporting Us As We Move Forward

So welcome Vertical Comics your home for the following (and eventually, much much more):

Witchcraft Works
Garden of Words
My Neighbor Seki
Dream Fossil: The Complete Shorts of Satoshi Kon
The Art of Makoto Shinkai: A SKY LONGING FOR MEMORIES

(For consistency purposes all currently running titles will retain the original Vertical logo as long as they are released in their current formats.)

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