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Anime Midstream Schedules ‘Matchless Raijin-Oh’ Season 2 Complete Collection

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Matchless Raijin-Oh: Season 2 Collection
Matchless Raijin-Oh: Season 2 Collection

After releasing the first five volumes of Matchless Raijin-Oh between 2010 and the summer of 2013, Anime Midstream is shifting gears to bring the series to a close with a complete set for the second season. The show will provide episodes 26 through 51 in one complete set on September 30th, 2014 priced at $79.99. Similar to the previous volumes, it will be in Japanese language only and with English subtitles.

According to Anime Midstream, “Season 2 is a foldout collection that contains Volumes 6-10. There will be artwork on the inside of the collection as well. The spine artwork will match up with the previous release finishing the spine collage picture of God Raijin-Oh.”

Plot concept: The journey’s halfway done, but the action is far from winding down for the Earth Defense Class. With the mechanical duo of Raijin-Oh and Bakuryu-Oh at their disposal, there seems to be nothing, not even the Jaku Satan, that can conquer the Earth now. Especially when they fuse into the Matchless God Raijin-Oh!

However Belzeb, Felzeb, and Taida of the Jaku Empire are not so easily dissuaded. As their schemes get craftier, it becomes apparent that the Earth tasted only a fraction of its enemy’s true power. Worse still, the sinister Jaku Emperor Warusa has grown weary of his underlings’ failures and wavering loyalties. The time draws nigh when he shall have to take matters into his own hands…

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