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Viz Media Brings ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Manga Back Into Print

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Yu Yu Hakusho MangaSmart marketing is smart marketing, though you know this had to be in the works for quite awhile. Viz Media has announced that the Yu Yu Hakusho manga is going back into print with all nineteen volumes of the series. The book comes from Yoshihiro Togashi, who has gained a lot of fans in the last couple of years with the popularity of Hunter x Hunter in its new anime form, which is ending, and his return to that manga itself, which is on hiatus at the moment. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the earlier releases from Viz Media but it’s been a fairly popular one over the years. It was adapted into an anime series as well which was released in North America by FUNimation, who brought it out on multiple DVDs initially and more recently on Blu-ray.

Viz Media’s release of the manga also has it coming in digital form to draw more folks there as it will be available on their site as well as the iBookstore, Kindle, Nook and Google Play and hopefully ComiXology down the line as well.

Plot concept: Yusuku Urameshi was a tough teen delinquent until one selfless act changed his life…by ending it. When he died saving a little kid from a speeding car, the afterlife didn’t know what to do with him, so it gave him a second chance at life. Now, Yusuke is a ghost with a mission, performing good deeds at the beshest of Botan, the spirit guide of the dead, and Koenma, her pacifier-sucking boss from the “other side.” But what strange things await him on the borderline between life and death?

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