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‘A Certain Magical Index II’ Anime Dub Cast Expands

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A Certain Magical Index
A Certain Magical Index

FUNimation has expanded a bit on their release on DVD/BD combo on October 14th, 2014 for A Certain Magical Index II by revealing more of the dub cast for the series. With the show getting its dub premiere at the convention, bringing some new folks on board definitely works well as the newly announced actors and characters are:

  • Andrew T. Chandler as Acqua
  • Marcus D. Stimac as Amata Kihara
  • Barry Yandell as Biagio Busoni
  • Bob Magruder as Pope Matthai Reese
  • Patrick Seitz as Ritoku Komaba
  • Clifford Chapin as Shiage Hamazura
  • George Manley as Terra
  • Leah Clark as Vasilisa
  • Kara Edwards as Vento

Previously announced:

  • Alex Moore as Agnese Sanctis
  • Kristin Sutton as Angelene
  • Bryn Apprill as Awaki Musujime
  • Ed Blaylock as Charles Conder
  • Rachel Robinson as Lidvia Lorenzetti
  • Lauren Landa as Lucia
  • Jennifer Green as Oriana Thomson
  • Mallorie Rodak as Orsola Aquinas
  • Bob Carter as Ouma Yamisaka
  • Duncan Brannan as Saiji Tatemiya
  • Skyler McIntosh as Seiri Fukiyose
  • Haley Esposito as Tushim
  • Andrea Freyberg as Uragami

Plot concept: When science and sorcery clash, the result is explosive in this sequel to A Certain Magical Index from the studio that brought you Shakugan no Shana! The Book of the Law—an encoded grimoire containing catastrophic magic—has been stolen, so naturally Kamijo, Index, and a few familiar faces join in the crusade to protect the one nun who can decipher the powerful text. But as the group battles church sects and holy assassins, they realize that discovering who their true enemy is may be more difficult than saving the sister. Meanwhile, an organization known as the Science Society resurrects an esper-producing program, a school festival brings out the competition—and drama—in the student population, and a mysterious figure negotiates the purchase of a sacred relic that could threaten the future of Academy City.

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