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‘Soul ReViver’ Manga Goes Hollywood

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Soul ReViverBased on the 2011 manga that’s still ongoing by Tohru Fujisawa and Manabu Akishige and serialize din Heros magazine, Soul ReViver has been optioned for a Hollywood adaptation. The project, which has no timeframe for when it will move forward, with Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz working on it. The pair are writing the screenplay together with Zwick set to direct it. The project is being done with their Bedford Falls production company along with Japanese partners Fields Corporation and All Nippon Entertainment Works. Zwick and Herskovitz are currently working on producing Heart of the Sea and have experience with Japanese themed projects before, working on The Last Samurai together.

Zwick, 61, made his directorial debut with About Last Night in 1986 and directed other films such as Legends of the FallCourage Under Fire and Blood Diamond. His latest, Pawn Sacrifice, is currently getting limited screenings.

Zwick said, “Japanese cinema has always been a touchstone for me. I’m excited to extend that relationship to this new and vital part of Japanese culture.”

Check out the 3DCG promo that was produced in 2013 to promote the manga, which is at four volumes released so far.

Original concept: Soul Reviver revolves around a woman who is half human, half Shinigami and whose job is to accompany the souls of the dead to the world of the Shinigami.

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