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Alex Kurtzman Directing ‘The Mummy’ Relaunch

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Universal Monsters
Universal Monsters

As word came up a few weeks back about Universal looking to build a mildly cohesive monsters universe using the various creature properties that they’ve had for decades and decades now, it looks like things are starting to come together a bit more. That plan was being spearheaded by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan and now it looks like Kurtzman is in the final negotiations phase for helming a relaunch of The Mummy to pull it all together. The film, which has a tentatively planned May 22nd, 2016 release date, is going to set the tone for this new crossover styled universe that can happen. Universal has had a few other directors in line for the film over the last couple of years, but the time to pull it all together has caused them to leave the project.

Kurtzman recently ended his lengthy partnership with Roberto Orci to pursue other projects and is looking to stake out a big name with some iconic characters. The Mummy takes place in the present day and is described as an action-adventure tentpole with horror elements rather than a straight horror film, and it will feature all-new characters instead of re-using elements from the previous Mummy films.

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