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‘Le Fruit de La Grisaia’ Anime Adaptation Casting Revealed

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Le Fruit de la Grisaia
Le Fruit de la Grisaia

Announced as going into production in the summer of 2013, the anime adaptation of the visual novel game Le Fruit de la Grisaia has now revealed its main cast of characters, the first key visual and a look at the characters themselves. The series is now slated for a fall 2014 release according to the latest issue of Monthly Comic Blade. Tensho has been brought on to direct the series at studio 8-Bit based on scripts by Hideyuki Kurata while Akio Watanabe will be joining to provide the character designs. Check out the cast breakdown below with character descriptions provided by ANN:

  • Takahiro Sakurai  as Yūji Kazami, the male protagonist. A foreign exchange student who transfers to Mihama Academy, his sister died in an accident when he was young, and his parents have also passed away. He has a very callm personality, but sometimes the things he says that seem out of place make him stand out.
  • Hiroko Taguchi  as Amane Suō, a reliable young woman who often looks after others and is adored by those younger than herself. Also, she has beautiful proportions that have the ability to steal anyone’s glance. In addition to being skilled at cooking, she has a tendency to dote on Yūji.
  • Ryouko Tanaka  as Yumiko Sakaki, the daughter of the headmaster of Mihama Academy. Yumiko holds a great importance on her own time and space, and hates those who ruin those for her. She is very wary of other people, and she will sometimes act outside of common sense.
  • Kaori Mizuhashi as Michiru Matsushima, a girl who tries to be a tsundere (someone acting stand-offish, but is actually sweet) so much that she even dyed her hair blonde. Michiru herself thinks that she plays the part perfectly, but everyone around her already knows it’s an act. For some reason, she always carries around ramune candies with her.
  • Tomoe Tamiyasuas Makina Irisu, a girl who opens up her heart to those she has spent quite a bit of time with. After she gets accustomed to Yūji, she begins to call him “big brother.” She is usually in Amane’s room, and it appears Amane is taking care of her.
  • Ai Shimizu as Sachi Komine, a strange girl who wears maid clothes as her casual outfit. She is a class committee member, and takes on any request anyone gives her. She never catches on to jokes, and takes everything seriously.

Plot concept: Taking place at the private Mihama Academy, where five girls who seem normal attend the school due to “certain reasons.” A sixth student “with reasons” named Yūji Kazami transfers in. Yūji has an ego with such darkness that he does not fade in comparison to the five girls, who are so different from the norm. As they each meet each other, they deepen their understanding of one another. Through the small bits of progress they make, each of their hearts will be affected. When Yūji arrives, a story of girls who are trapped by their pasts begins.

[Source: ANN]

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