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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Episode #04 Anime Review

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Episode 4
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Episode 4

Illya’s chance at a happy school life could well hinge upon her athletic skills as she faces off against her rival on the playing field.

What They Say:
Episode 4: “Wild Transfer Student”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Poor Illya. Her chance at having an uneventful and normal elementary school life is upset by Kuro’s continuing presence. There’s nothing that Luvia can do, since magical locks and wards are unable to keep the double confined to the Edelfelt mansion. In the end, the best she can do is get Kuro to promise not to be troublesome, with the curse Rin cast upon Kuro the guarantee that Illya will not be harmed. This may not sit well with Illya, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Illya is clearly not happy about Chloe's interfering with her "normal" life
Illya is clearly not happy about Chloe’s interfering with her “normal” life

Illya’s powerlessness becomes a theme of this episode, as she is forced to watch helplessly as Kuro is transferred into her class at school, now introduced to all as “Chloe von Einzbern,” Illya’s “cousin.” Her entrance into school life is not entirely smooth, as Illya’s friends Tatsuko, Suzuka and Nanaki seek revenge for Chloe having stolen their “first” kisses. The grudge will be settled during PE class, where they engage in a game of dodgeball. The winners will be able to dictate terms to the losers. Chloe is fine with this. The terms Illya’s friends openly state mark out their personality quirks of being gluttonous (Tatsuko, who demands Chloe’s dessert at lunchtime), stupid (Nanaki, who demands to be able to copy Chloe’s homework) and an otaku (Suzuka’s demand…actually, I have no idea what being a “funnel” at Comiket means. I may not want to know).

Of course, Chloe bests the mere humans facing her, until Illya subs out Tatsuko and the real match is on. Rather, the “unreal” match as the two are operating at an inhuman level (with Illya most definitely and Chloe quite likely using magic to enhance their playing). And that’s really it. This ends with the fairly predictable double knockout (as Chloe knocks Illya unconscious…which results in herself being rendered unconscious).

This is not your average game of dodgeball
This is not your average game of dodgeball

We get to see the deadpan weird nurse again, as both girls are carried to the infirmary. The only interesting thing about the scene is that we get some confirmation that the school nurse is not of this world. The obvious sign is that she puts sugar in green tea (this…is not how green tea is usually consumed). The other overt clue is that she is aware of what Chloe truly is, though she notes that she does not have the power “to cure” Chloe’s existence. She does not want Chloe to cause her any trouble, however, so the two come to an understanding: the one is just the Homurahara Elementary School nurse and the other is just Illya’s cousin. And there it stands.

The ominous tone continues as Miyu returns to the infirmary to give Illya her clothes. She sees Chloe just leaving, the latter giving a warning about not getting too close to Illya if she (Miyu) has something to hide. Then another cryptic conversation with the nurse. Fortunately, comic relief comes to the rescue for all this seriousness, as Taiga suddenly rushes in dragging Shirou, whom she plans to use as smelling salts for Illya. (We get another possible clue about the nurse’s identity when she uses medical gauze to wrap up Shirou’s head to quiet him. There was just something vaguely…familiar…about that technique she used). There’s then a rather heartwarming scene between Shirou and Illya, where he mentions her importance to him and their family, which touches a cord in both Miyu and Chloe, who are both nearby but out of sight.

We get yet another cryptic scene with the nurse, who is keeping a log of some sort. She mentally notes that the miracle (Chloe), the happenstance (Miyu) and the inevitable (Illya) have all been gathered in one place now. She wonders if it has any meaning or not. Her logbook, however, reports nothing of interest occurring.

At the end of this episode, we are just left with a lot of questions. Who or what is the unnamed nurse? What exactly is Miyu? What is Chloe? Why does the three of them (Illya, Miyu and Chloe) gathered together mean that something could happen? I don’t expect immediate answers to these questions. They’re obviously the various mysteries that we will be exploring for the rest of the season (though the identity of the mysterious nurse could well continue past this season).

While the main tone of the episode was comic, there was also so much ominous allusion and cryptic information dropping that one cannot help but go away with a slight sense of unease about the future.

In Summary:
Illya tries to get back her normal school life, but she’s not getting too much help from either her friends or her allies. It looks like Chloe will be here to stay for a while. Lots of cryptic clues and ominous hints are dropped, even though the episode was filled with comedy and jokes. The humor works for the most part, but one cannot walk away without a slight feeling of unease about the future.

Episode Grade: B+

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1 thought on “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Episode #04 Anime Review

  1. The identity of the “mysterious nurse” is hardly that mysterious (nor even worth all that much thought) if you’re a long time fan of the Fate franchise. She’s a franchise regular, after all (although, like fellow franchise regular Luvia [and semi-regular Ruby], anime-only fans [which for some reason seems to almost never include Carnival Phantasm, even though it is also an anime series] always seem to come to the strange assumption that just because they haven’t appeared in one of the 2 core anime series yet that automatically makes them brand new characters that were invented by this series). Briefly mentioned in Fate/stay night (in all of 2 scenes), “main heroine” of Fate/hollow ataraxia, and… pretty much as she is here in Fate/Tiger Colosseum and Carnival Phantasm. In other words, her case is practically identical to Luvia’s (except for the part where Luvia in addition to all that got a whole line of real spoken dialogue in the original Fate/stay night [and while being a character of some significance in Fate/hollow ataraxia, she was hardly at the level of “main heroine”], oh and she was a playable character in the Fate/Unlimited Codes PS2/PSP fighting game).

    Caren Hortensia, daughter of Kotomine Kirei, deadpan sadist extraordinaire (who doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “grudge”).

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