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Marvel Previews Third ‘Inhuman’ Installment

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Inhuman Issue 3
Inhuman Issue 3

Charles Soule is a busy man at Marvel Comics with a lot of projects in the works and we’re always glad to see more of Joe Maduriera’s work hitting the stands, which is why Inhuman with its third issue looks pretty appealing. Set to land on August 13th, 2014, Marvel has sent out a look at the clean cover and a few preview pages for the issue. The whole aspect of this particular new branch of the Marvel Comics world is expanding and seeing how it’s being integrated into the larger works while also standing on its own is definitely fun to see.

Plot concept: New Inhumans are emerging across the globe, manifesting strange and terrifying powers as the Terrigen Mists engulfing the planet. As a new Inhuman named Flint emerges from his cocoon, he’ll witness his world crumble before his very eyes. Will he stand with Medusa, or side with Lash? Plus – don’t miss the secret history of a new, ancient tribe of Inhumans as they cope with being thrust into the spotlight for the very first time! No fan can afford to miss the game-changing climax to the first arc this June in INHUMAN #3!

INHUMAN #3 (APR140686)
Art & Cover by JOE MADURIERA (APR140687)
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
FOC – 07/21/14 On-Sale – 08/13/14






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