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New Anime DVD/BD Releases For July 8th, 2014

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Flowers Of Evil
Flowers Of Evil

The release week after Anime Expo is often a very quiet week because distributors want to have as many big titles as they can to have on the convention floor to sell, so a lot of things are frontloaded into June. That doesn’t mean we don’t get some good stuff in July, or in this week in particular. The big release is the controversial series Flowers of Evil, which is getting its monolingual DVD and Blu-ray releases this week. We really had a lot to say on this title. Sentai also brings out a lesser known recent simulcast with [email protected], which brings us another Shaft series to our shores. Viz Media also continues its long push to get more Naruto: Shippuden out with the 19th collection.

  1. Flowers of Evil Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)
  2. Flowers of Evil DVD Complete Collection (S)
  3. Naruto: Shippuden DVD Set 19 (Hyb) Uncut
  4. [email protected] DVD Complete Collection (S)
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