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FUNimation Sets ‘One Piece’ Season Six Anime Debut

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One Piece Season 6FUNimation has buckets of One Piece anime material to work with and the fans continue to gobble it up, which is fantastic to see with a series that runs as along as this. The fifth season of the series ended with its most recent installment back in March 2014, but it’s been quiet since then on the solicitation front which has had all us Straw Hat fans on edge waiting for our next fix. FUNimation took care of us at Anime Expo this weekend by letting us know what’s in store and when.

The sixth season is set to bring its first set out on September 30th, 2014 with the first twelve episodes of the sixth season starting with episode 337. Going by the slide they presented at the panel, it looks like they’re sticking with the current artwork design we’ve had for the last couple of seasons and we’re more than fine with that. Naturally, it’ll be a bilingual DVD release as well.

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