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‘Exiled From Paradise’ Anime Feature Adds New Commercial Spots

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Exiled From Paradise
Exiled From Paradise

With a November 15th, 2014 premiere date still ahead of it, we’ve got a pair of new commercial spots for the anime feature Exiled From Paradise. Done in the standard 15 second and thirty second spots, we get a good bit of the music, the dialogue and definitely a lot more clarity when it comes to the actual animation itself. The feature is an original work from Gen Urobuchi, who has certainly carved out a following in the last few years with shows like Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero, with Toei doing the production for it along with nitro+. Seiji Muzshima is directing with Rie Kgumiya and Miki Shinichiro set to star.

Little else is known about it at this time.

Character Design : Masatsugu Saitō
Main Conceptual & Visual Design : Yasuyoshi Uetsu
Mechanical Design : Junya Ishigaki
Sculpture Design : Masaki Apsy
Graphic Design : Tsuyoshi Kusano
Conceptual Consultant & Conceptual Design : Shinya Ogura
Storyboard : Seiji Mizushima / Tomoki Kyoda
CG Directors : Tomoaki Kaneko / Naoki Ao
Modeling Director : Kazumasa Yokokawa
Color Designer : Eriko Murata
Motion Graphic Artists : Yohei Miyahara (Capsule)/ Natsuko Sato
Art Director : Masanobu Nomura (Bihou)
Composite Supervisor : Kojiro Hayashi
Editing : Masato Yoshitake
Sound Director : Masafumi Mima (Techno Sound)
Sound Effects : Shizuo Kurahashi (Sound Box)
Animation Producer : Hiroki Yoshioka
Producer : Koichi Noguchi
Animation Production : Graphinica

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