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VAP Sets Japanese ‘The World is Still Beautiful’ Anime DVD/BD Box Set Release

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The World Is Still Beautiful
The World Is Still Beautiful

While the season is close to wrapping up, there are still a straggler or two in regards to revealing their home video release information in Japan. one of those is The World is Still Beautiful, aka Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. That’s now been fleshed out as VAP has announced that it will be getting a box set release as opposed to a series of singles and eventually a box set. The show is scheduled to land on September 24th, 2014 on both DVD and Blu-ray box sets:

  • BD-Box: 24,000 yen
  • DVD-Box: 18,000 yen

The first press item looks to be a rubber stamp so far as well as a special CD, a booklet and a gatefold box. On disc extras include preview footage, press conference materials, production material and the clean opening among other pieces still to be revealed ahead of release.

The series was directed by Hajime Kamegaki who has handled a couple of feature films as well as Fushigi Yugi OVA’s and several TV episodes, a number of Lupin the 3rd specials and served as an episode director for part of Magic Knight Rayearth. Character designer for the series will be Ichiro Uno, whose most reecntly work has been in the new Hajime no Ippo series as doing key animation for the opening and first episode. Largely working in key animation side of many shows for the past decade, this is his first full character design job.

Based on the manga series that began in 2011 after a pair of one-shots by Dai Shiina, it’s been running in Hana to Yume and has five volumes out so far in Japan.

Plot concept: Based off of the manga Soreseka by Dai Shiina, The World is Still Beautiful is a fantasy romancethat centers on Nike Lemercier, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom with the unique power to call forth the rain. After losing a game of rock, paper, scissors with her sisters, she has tomarry the king of the Sun Kingdom, Livius I. Upon meeting him, she discovers he is still a child, despite conquering the world in only three years before ascending to the throne. Although they are total strangers at first, they soon grow to understand and develop an emotional bond with one another.

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