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Naruto: Shippuden Episode #364 Anime Review

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 364
Naruto Shippuden Episode 364
Things just got even more serious.

What They Say:
The Allied Shinobi Forces begin their onslaught against Obito and Madara. But Ten Tails suddenly transforms and hurls a powerful Tailed Beast Bombs toward distant towns. One after the other, the Tailed Beast Bombs find their targets. The shinobi wonder why Ten Tails is aiming so far away as one of the bombs heads toward HQ!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The forward movement after the flashback arc has come quickly and there’s obviously a lot to like about that. The quality of the animation has gone up, the return of characters sideline for far too long – including our title character – and the sense that something even bigger is about to happen. When Naruto: Shippuden gets to its big moments, it generally does them very, very well, and this arc is certainly shaping up in that way after all this time. With the giant beasts striding across the land, a large amount of powerful shinobi from many clans facing off in unison against them and a sense of scale really coming into play that’s hard for some of them to wrap their heads around, the series checks off all the key boxes that I want from it with something like this.

While this is all aligned against Obito and Madara, it is Obito and Madara they’re dealing with and their powers are pretty much off the scale. That they basically begin lobbing massive Tailed Beast Bombs across the landscape towards distant parts of the countryside, it reinforces the power behind them and the catastrophic damage that can be wrought by them on the innocents all around. The reaction side from the allied forces is about as you’d expect as they do know they’re in a war and have to do what’s necessary and fight back, understanding that there will be consequences. So it’s good to see that there’s a kind of rock solid nature about them in that they really get the situation. This still has impact on some of them out there though because strong as they are, they’re still human, and even Naruto is trying to grasp what’s going on in a way.

The way the fight goes definitely starts introducing the costs of war, with people that we know getting wounded and at least one named character getting taken down outright, which is done with some good emotion and impact. Whether it holds or not (being an anime-only viewer that I am) remains to be seen as deaths do happen in the series, but it’s a solid moment that helps to reinforce things for Naruto and others with what they’re facing. The best of it though is, for me, once again the involvement of Hinata as she gets through to Naruto in a way nobody else seems to be able to. I’ve loved her for quite some time in the show and what she wants from Naruto. Here, she once again gets to play a pivotal role and it’s executed beautifully. It naturally all leads towards the finale of the episode and the larger setup, but it’s a great moment that I wish the series had more of.

In Summary:
Naruto: Shippuden is looking to hit the big leagues here with its storyline in doing something important, critical and pivotal to the larger series itself. With the true face off now coming down to Obito and Madara against the world, the sides are fairly clear and the power levels impressive, though the allies only get a little bit in here. Mostly this is the pushback and rally moment of the arc and it’s useful and critical as it sets the stage and emotions well. Whether some of the things stick is another matter, but I’m hopeful it will because a story like this needs these kinds of losses. It needs several of them in fact to truly give it weight, which is something most writers in manga are afraid to do. There’s a lot of potential here though and I’m hopeful for this portion of the arc.

Grade: B+

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