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DMP Adds ‘Iris Zero’ Shoujo Manga On eManga Site

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Iris Zero
Iris Zero

Digital Manga Publishing has apparently picked up a new license that’s debuting on their eManga site with Iris Zero. The series comes from Prioshiki and Takana Hotaru which began in the Media Factory magazine Monthly Comic Alive back in 2009 with six volumes released in Japan so far. We can’t find any announcement of this series being picked up formally so this is a kind of fun out of the blue piece. Media Factory has worked the property well in Japan even though it went on hiatius for a year and a half in 2012 due to Takana having medical issues that required them being hospitalized. A drama CD was released in early 2013 and a second one came out bundled with the sixth volume this past March as a limited edition.

Plot concept: Toru Mizushima is an Iris Zero, a person who was born without a special power called an Iris, a power to see information that cannot be seen through normal vision. Nearly all boys and girls his age were born with an Iris, and so he lives his school life quietly by keeping a low profile to avoid discrimination. One day, Koyuki Sasamori, a very popular girl, approaches Toru to tell him something that will inadvertently challenge his way of life. As a result of their meeting, he meets new people and encounters many problems, which he must solve to keep living in peace.