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The Anime Network Adds ‘Battle Of The Planets’ Series

Battle Of The Planets

Battle Of The Planets

While we’ve had the clean and accurately dubbed version of Gatchaman for several years now, you can’t let a classic property go to waste no matter how much it was altered. Because nostalgia. And The Anime Network is feeding that need starting today as they’re going to be bringing out the 85 episode localized version with Battle of the Planets. The first twelve episodes are now available to members with a premium subscription with more episodes being added regularly.

The series was originally broadcast in 1978 using the footage from the 1972 series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman which whittled down the 105 episodes to 85 so that it would fit into syndication. The show featured some solid voice talents including Casey Kasem, Keye Luke, Alan young, Janet Waldo, Alan Dinehart and Ronnie Schell. The series was in syndicatoin until 1985.

Plot concept: Somewhere off the West Coast of the United States, deep beneath the surface of the sea is the secret and extremely important world defense headquarters, Center Neptune. To guard this vital base against attack by alien enemies is a huge responsibility of five exceptional, highly-specialized orphans called G-FORCE and, of course, robot coordinator 7-Zark-7. The G-FORCE protects Earth and the rest of the galaxy from the evil of Zoltar and the planet Spectra.

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