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‘Samurai Bride’ Anime Dub Premieres On The Anime Network

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Samurai Bride
Samurai Bride

Scheduled to debut today on The Anime Network, Sentai Filmworks will be premiering the dubbed version of Samurai Bride on the service.  Sentai Filmworks has previously released the first season of the series on DVD and Blu-ray and this second season is set to land on June 24th, 2014 in full bilingual and dual format form. But fans that are on The Anime Network get to sample the dub early. This 12 episode series is helmed by returning director KOBUN, and features character designs by Tsutomu Miyazawa, with series composition by Satoru Nishizono (NeedlessPsychic Squad), sound direction by Jin Aketagawa (AKB0048Queen’s Blade Rebellion) and music by Tatsuya Katou (MEDAKA BOXCampione!).

Check out the show here.

Plot concept: Japan attracts all sorts of people with the allure of its history and beauty. However, it also arouses the tendencies of those who seek to do harm. Never fear, the Samurai are here! This is the tale of the great and noble Samurai who serve as guardians of their beloved Japan.

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