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FUNimation Sets August 2014 Anime DVD/BD Release Slate

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Heaven's Lost Property Forte
Heaven’s Lost Property Forte

The first round of information has surfaced for what FUNimation will be bringing out in August 2014 and we’ve got a couple of welcome things here, but also a little frustration. For those that were waiting for some priced down bigger sets of Toriko, you’ve got that with the first installment here. But later installments of the 13 episode sets stalled out over a year ago and we’re not sure we’ll see more of the series coming out unfortunately. This month also sees more A Certain Scientific Railgun S debuting alongside some more Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray. Add in a couple of Anime Classics and you’re either getting a lot of stuff on the cheap or not getting much if you already have it.

Heaven's Lost Property Forte Toriiko Part 1 Freezing Blu-ray A Certain Scientific Railgun 2 Part 2

[Source:  FUNimation New Title Solicitations (August ’14)]