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‘One Week Friends’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

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One Week Friends
One Week Friends

One of the sweeter shows of the season is about to expand its reach a bit as One Week Friends is now available on Hulu for streaming. The series was an early pickup by Sentai Filmworks before it was broadcast in Japan and following through on their promise to expand its distribution, the first episode is now available. New episodes will follow weekly in this free form with commercials within the show itself. Hulu Plus members get the added bonus of streaming it directly to their TV sets and other digital devices.

The series is based on the work by original creator Matcha Hazuki and is directed by Tarou Iwasaki (Sunday Without God, Another), with series composition by Shotaro Suga (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, The Eccentric Family), art direction by Akira Ito (Bodacious Space Pirates, AKB0048), and animation production by Brains Base (Penguindrum, Amnesia).

Plot concept: A new school year has started when Yuki meets Kaori. Everyone takes her as a coldhearted, shy shut-in, but Yuki finds out the truth. He comes to find out she has a certain disease where she forgets memories of her friends after seven days. Every week, her memories of her friends reset. Instead of trying to make friends, Kaori realizes that it’s easier to be alone. From that point, Yuki decides to put forth the valiant effort to make friends with her over and over again.