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‘Beware the Batman’ Joins Toonami In May

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Beware the Batman
Beware the Batman

While Beware the Batman simply disappeared from the Cartoon Network schedule awhile ago and was presumed completely canceled, especially since Warner released the first thirteen of the planned twenty-five episodes on Blu-ray, but it appears that the show is not dead. The Toonami Twitter account updated to announced that the show will be replacing Ghost in the ShellStand Alone Complex starting May 10th at 3 am EST. They also made it clear that they will be showing the unaired episodes as well as ones that previously aired.

Plot concept: Another night falls in Gotham City and the ever-vigilant Dark Knight watches over his city and its citizens. With the help of his ex-secret agent butler, Alfred, and sword-wielding assassin Katana, the Batman wages a tireless war against Gotham’s twisted criminal underworld. Buckle up for 13 all-new adventures from the first season, and ride along as Batman battles the evil machinations of Professor Pyg, Magpie, Mister Toad and criminal mastermind Anarky. It’s a crime-fighting collection of hidden clues, cool tech and detective thrills as Batman prowls in the shadows, ready to deliver action-packed excitement and justice!