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‘Sweet Blue Flowers’ Manga Gets Digital Pickup

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Sweet Blue Flowers
Sweet Blue Flowers

While we saw the anime pickup of the yuri manga Aoi Hana, aka Sweet Blue Flowers, previously from Nozomi Entertainment, the manga has been dangled in front of fans a bit when it was listed as a potential acquisition for Digital Manga Guild last year. Now, events have turned so that it’s on the upcoming release schedule on the site with a planned April 4th, 2014 debut for the book. The series has been running in Japan since 2004 and ended in 2013 with a total of eighth volumes released, making for a good run that publishers can take a chanc eon even with yuri.

Plot concept: Once childhood friends, sweet Aki and shy Fumi, unexpectedly reunite the year they enter separate all-girls high schools.

Fumi has learned that romance can have its thorns but in meeting an upperclassman she discovers that, like a flower hibernating through the winter, love too can grow and bloom again come spring. But has there in fact been a little flower, almost too small to see, at her side all along…?

Join Aki and Fumi in the first volume of Takako Shimura’s touching coming-of-age series as they discover more about who they are, and who they can become.