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The Anime Network Debuts ‘Maria Holic Alive’ Dubbed Episodes

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Maria Holic Alive - The Anime NetworkSentai Filmworks debuted Maria Holic Alive on DVD and Blu-ray this week in bilingual form, but they’re also bringing out the series in dubbed form for streaming fans that use The Anime Network. The twelve episode series has begun its run on the service, which they hope will tempt you to pick up the home video release as well, which comes with a number of Japanese commentary tracks that add a new layer of understanding to the show. With the company having released this on DVD previously in subtitled form, they’re also offering an upgrade path for those that own it, which expires on July 31st, 2014.

The cast for the series includes:

Kanako Miyamae – Jessica Calvello
Mariya Shidou – Monica Rial
Matsurika Shinouji – Caitlynn French

Dorm Supervisor “God” – Brittney Karbowski
Nanami Kiri – Carli Mosier
Sachi Momoi – Margaret McDonald
Yuzuru Inamori – Shannon Emerick
Ryuken Ishima – Beth Lazarou
Ayari Shiki  -Nancy Novotny
Maki Natsuru – Tiffany Terrell
Shizu Shidou – Monica Rial
Touichiro Kanae – Illich Guardiola
Honoka Tsutui – Allison Sumrall
Fumi Kumagai – Molly Searcy
Narration – George Manley
Yonakuni-san – Tiffany Grant

Plot concept: Everyone’s favorite trio is back in the second season of Maria Holic Alive! Kanako can’t quiet her passion for the ladies, Mariya is still a gender-bending ball of sadism, and Matsurika’s tongue could cut glass! And they’re still up to all their old tricks. If you enjoyed the first season, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the English dub of Maria Holic Alive!

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