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‘Mujaki no Rakuen’ Manga Gets OAD With Upcoming Sixth Volume

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Mujaki no RakuenThe latest manga series by Uran, Mujaki no Rakuen, began in 2011 and has five volumes so far and you can sense there’s some testing of the waters as to whether it can make the leap to an anime series. And what better way to test it than to put together a manga bundled OVA episode in limited edition form? The sixth volume is set to land on August 29th and it will have a limited edition aspect that will bundle the release that’s set to be directed by Hidek Araki, who has directed a lot of shows over the years, including a number of hentai releases. No further details have been revealed about the project, what material within the series it will be adapting and what studio will be handling it.

Series concept: Shouta, a 25-year-old NEET, is mocked by his former female classmates who’ve all become successes, at their class reunion. A mysterious incident at the school pool throws him back in time and lets him deal with those same classmates back when they were fifth grade girls.

[Source: ANN]

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