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‘Francesca: Girls Be Ambitious’ Gets TV Anime Project

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Francesca - Girls Be Ambitious
Francesca – Girls Be Ambitious

Multimedia projects are nothing new in Japan when it comes to trying to get a property out there in front as many people as they can. The latest one to get the nod is Francesca: Girls Be Ambitious, an unusual project to be sure that basically takes a moe personificaiton of Hokkaido and lets her get involved in all sorts of adventures. The series is slated for a July broadcast in Hokkaido itself. The cast includes yui Makino as Francesca and Asami Tano as Exorcist. The project was born originally from a regional promotional campaign to attract tourism and has sprawled into a lot of different areas from there, from merchandise and apps  to snacks and more. No production information has been revealed yet about the project, but the official site updated with a new fourteen minute video that gives you a sample of the music and characters that you can see below.

Property concept: Francesca, the heroine of the story, is an “undead idol” who’s a little spacey, but has a lot of energy. Francesca is a zombie girl with a big appetite, and her favorite foods are dishes from Hokkaido. Although she can separate her body parts from each other, she is very clumsy, so she often puts them back in the wrong places.

[Source: ANN]

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