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Crunchyroll Adds ‘Koe no Katachi’ Manga Simulpub Series

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A Silent Voice - Koe no Katachi
A Silent Voice – Koe no Katachi

Crunchyroll has another simulpub series on tap for manga fans that’s definitely interesting and intriguing as it revolves around isolated people, something that’s becoming more and more of a trend as Western civilization progresses. The company is bringing out the three volumes of the series that there are at this point and is set for the next chapter to be published on Tuesday, March 18th, at 7pm ET. That gives fans plenty of material to read through until then. The title will be available to All-Access and Manga members worldwide except for the following countries: Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland, and Japan.

Yoshitoki Oima commented on his series, saying: “People living in isolation. I wrote this story out of a desire to write about people living distant, isolated lives. Nothing would make me happier than if you all read my story.”

We will be launch with the COMPLETE CATALOG, with simulpub starting on March 18, at 4pm Pacific Time.

Plot concept: wish we had never met. I wish we could meet once again.

A boy who can hear, Shoya Ishida, and a transfer student who can’t, Shoko Nishimiya. One fateful day, the two meet, and Shoya leads the class in bullying Shoko. But before long, the class shifts its target from Shoko to Shoya. Years later, Shoya feels strongly that he must see Shoko once again.

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