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‘The Flash’ Reveals On-Set Costumed Images

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The FlashWhile we had the dramatic effects image come in previously for Grant Gustin wearing the costume for The Flash as designed by Colleen Atwood, we now get a look at it from the on-set angle. The pilot is currently filming in Vancouver and likely knowing that shots were going to get out anyway, the touched up and dramatically lit image was released yesterday. Now we get to see it in broad daylight with more of its details visible, though of course there are plenty of ways it’ll look different when it comes to the final show itself in terms of lighting, camera angles and other special effects. While there’s plenty of nods, good and bad, towards the Daredevil film costume, it’s a pretty solid first step for the outfit. And it’s worth remembering that over at Arrow, the costume has evolved over the two seasons in a pretty good way and I can see them doing the same here as well as the series goes on.




flash-set-costume-1[Source: CBR]


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