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‘Gochumon wa Usagi Desuka’ Anime Visual, Opening Song Details Revealed

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Gochumon wa Usagi Desuka
Gochumon wa Usagi Desuka

While the site went live back in December for Gochuman wa Usagi Desuka? it’s gone through the usual renewal process where some new information has surfaced on it. The most visible piece is the new key visual that you can see below which shows off the main cast of characters in a bright and fun way. The second piece is that the opening song, which doesn’t have a name yet, will be going the expected route of being performed by the five previously announced voice actresses. That’s a fairly common practice, though often they do both the opening and the ending. The ending song is going to be performed by Chimame-tai, which has just three of the voice actresses from the series performing it with Inori Minase (Chino), Sora Tokui (Maya), and Rie Murakawa (Megu).

The adaptation of the original four panel manga series by Koi is being produced by White Fox as it deals with the two volumes of material released so far since the manga began in 2011. The show is set to be directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto, who has done a range of work in the last few years as an episode director and is now tackling his first time as a series director. He’ll be working from scripts by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu while Yosuke Okuda will be handling the character designs.

Main Cast:

  • Cocoa: Ayane Sakura
  • Chino: Inori Minase
  • Lize: Risa Taneda
  • Sharo: Maaya Uchida
  • Chiyo: Satomi Satou

Plot concept: Cocoa arrives at the cafe Rabbit House one day, excited for rabbits. She actually all but lives in that cafe. She meets lots of different girls there, including a tiny and cool girl named Chino, a tough and soldier-esque girl named Lize, a spacey and quintessentially Japanese girl named Chiyo, and the ordinary but dignified Sharo.

Gochumon wa Usagi Desuka Image 1[Source: Crunchyroll]


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