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‘Mai Mai Miracle’ Anime Kickstarter Plans Regular Edition Tier

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The Kickstart project from Anime Limited for Mai Mai Miracle has certainly been going well and now the company has updated on a couple of things that will be going on with it. They’re still working through some more stretch goal material since that takes time to be hashed out with licensors and the like, but they’ve taken to post about what happens when the Kickstarter is finished and how that’s going to work but they’re also setting up for a new “regular edition” tier that fans can get in on and support that’s a bit more affordable, including doing a brief run where it’s priced down at $30 for the early bird side. Check out all the details below:


We’ve discussed this long and hard and we’re just going to be doing one lonely print run of the Collector’s Edition, limited to the Kickstarter run.  So right now it looks like we’ll be printing 2,000 copies based on current orders.

What happens to those we don’t sell if 2,000 people don’t back the Collector’s Edition?  Well you’ll likely see the very very limited stock go up through retail at a comparable price point a decent time after months after you get your copies – but at this rate there won’t be many of those.

As Collectors Editions are a huge commitment and, as the name suggests, should be Collectible – we’ll be doing a standard Amaray combi-pack after the first print run and that will be the main version in distribution.

SRP for that will be $39.99 when it comes out on retail.


A lot of people have asked for us to introduce a tier in between the $55 mark and the $25 one and it’s one we have been debating a lot internally.

As we’d be replicating Amaray versions not so far down the line and the Collector’s edition has a lot of love as well as now being limited in print run to match the Kickstarter quantity to the nearest round number – we’ve come to the conclusion it’s worth doing.

We know there’s a market who want to support Mai Mai Miracle but can’t really stump up $55 for something that’s a pre-order.

So tomorrow from 15:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT on Saturday we’ll be running an early-bird category for the basic edition for $30 including shipping for the USA/Canada/ROI/UK, after which the Early Bird will shut and price will be $35.

Sorry folks too, at this stage these tiers will be only available to citizens of the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.   We’d love to open it further but the rules are the rules with the licensor!

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