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‘GJ Club’ Gets Super Cheap Japanese Blu-ray Anime Release

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GJ Club Episodes 1-6
GJ Club Episodes 1-6

After originally releasing across four volumes for 6,090 yen each on Blu-ray earlier in 2013, things are looking up for fans of GJ Club ahead of the new anime project. The series is getting a priced-down re-release for just 10,290 yen on March 19th, 2014. This is probably the quickest and cheapest that a series has tracked in some time, but there are some caveats. While the original four volume release had some extras to them, this release is putting all twelve episodes on a single dual-layered Blu-ray with no extras at all. So it’s just a quick and easy way to grab the show. Considering it’s a very light hanging around the club kind of show without a lot of heavy action or movement, it’ll probably fit rather well.

Plot concept: In a very old building within the grounds of a high school, there exists a club shrouded in obscurity. Kyoya Shinomiya is coerced into joining this club, known as GJ-bu (Good Job). Here he meets . . . Based on the popular Japanese light novel, this anime series depicts the nonchalant interactions of Kyoya and the unique female characters in scenes you are sure to enjoy.

[Source: NicoTube]

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