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FUNimation Subtitles ‘Maken-Ki! Two’ Anime Promo

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Maken-Ki! Two
Maken-Ki! Two

One show that feels a bit lost in the shuffle of so many new series out there is the second season of Maken-Ki!, which brings us back to the world of action, comedy and copious amounts of fanservice. Some shows just revel in it and you have to admire that they make no bones about it and just do it, rather than cramming it into a show where it doesn’t fit as well.

The first season of the series debuted in 2011 and the second just recently debuted. While the first season was produced by AIC for its animation, Xebec is stepping in this time around but it has a lot of familiar people working on it as Hiraku Kaneko is directing based on the script by Yousuke Kuroda and using character designs by Akio Takami. As noted previously when talking about the anime being bundled with the upcoming manga release, this is the team that’s working on that.

New episodes every Wednesday at 1pm ET on FUNimation

Plot concept: The busty babes of Maken-ki! are back in a follow-up to the hit first season! When Takeru enrolls in Tenbi Academy, he discovers that he has a magical power called “Maken.” The hornball might end up a great fighter—if he can keep from being distracted by all the gorgeous girls running around his new school.

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