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Discotek Media Dates ‘Jin-Roh’ Separate DVD & Blu-ray Anime Feature Releases

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Jin-RohDiscotek Media has another license from 2013 that’s got a 2014 release date, though it’s a split release for the two formats that it’s hitting on. Due out on April 29th, the DVD release of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade will debut and the company has provided the cover artwork below. The release will be a bilingual one in its nature and will come with interviews as well. The Blu-ray release, which was talked about upon its acquisition back in 2013, will come much later as that has a planned December 2014 release timeframe.

Plot concept: Set in an alternate history of Japan, Constable Fuse is part of an elite Special Forces unit known as the Capital Police whose mission is to maintain peace during a time of civil unrest. Entangled within a web of intrigue and politics between the Capital Police, the government intelligence bureau, and a secret society known as Jin-Roh – the Wolf Brigade… Fuse’s decisions will determine the ultimate fate of the Capital Police and those around him…


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