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Second ‘Nobunaga The Fool’ Anime Episode Images Previewed

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Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2
Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2

Crunchyroll is simulcasting Nobunaga The Fool in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, which you can find here, and now ahead of the second episode we’ve got a few new images revealed that shows off the cast a bit more. The series is directed and designed by Shoji Kawmori with animation by studio Satelight. The project started off initially and is slated to be a three piece stage production that began this past December in Japan and goes through summer 2014. The stage play was designed to use a lot of original animation from studio Satelight, where Kawamori has done quite a lot in recent years, combined with actors on the stage and voice actors to handle the animation side as well.

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Plot concept: The East Star and the West Star… It is said that the separated stars were once connected by the supernatural chain called the “Dragon Stream.” Both stars enjoyed their own prosperity, but such a peaceful period came to end. They come to be bombarded by chaotic vibration of time, and entered into a series of war. Joanne d’Arc is born to save the world, the only person knowing the reanimation of a transcendence technology called “Shinki,” meaning God’s vessel. She foresees an emergence of deliverer and makes her way to the East, together with Leonardo da Vinci, the man of the insight. In the East, her foresight of “deliverer” refers to the most delinquent guy, Nobunaga Oda. Is Nobunaga is the true deliverer? Or, is he only the devastator?

Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2-1

Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2-5

Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2-4

Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2-3

Nobunaga The Fool Episode 2-2

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