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Project-H Books Adds Takumi Adachi Interview

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Fetishisms - Immoral
Fetishisms – Immoral

Project-H Books recently released the Fetishism: Immoral hentai manga release from Takumi Adachi and now they’ve gone and done a pretty fun interview with him. Like a lot of interviews with personalities, there’s a good bit of getting to know you material at the start, but it also gets into some of his design work as well. Adachi has a few titles to his name so far, mostly within the whole fetishism range, and Project-H Books has released two of his works so far with Immoral and Sexy Wives.

In “Fetishisms:Immoral”, a lot of the women were dressed quite fashionably. How did you come up with the designs for their outfits?

Well first of all I looked through a number of fashion magazines and such, but I didn’t really find what I was looking for, so often, I will find something that is close to what I want and then I will alter it.  I tend heavily towards my own preferences, so I don’t think most people would consider it to be fashionable.

In “Fetishisms:Immoral”, you had your stories take place in a hotel. Why did you decide to set the plot at a hotel?

It was actually the idea of my editor at the time.

We were planning for when we would have to compile everything together.  We didn’t want the stories to be too inconsistent, so we were trying to find something that could hold all the stories together. It was then that we struck upon the idea of setting them all in a hotel.

You can read more of the interview here.


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